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sanjiang Mechnical Equipment Co., Ltd
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Address:No.8 Sanjiang Avenue, Baicheng Town, Gaomi City, Shandong Province

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High-density sanjiang machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is located in the shandong province gaomi city yasunari street DongShou development zone, east which the beautiful and rich coastal city - Qingdao, west world kite capatial-weifang city, south by the artery of jiaoji railway, north according to jinan-qingdao highway, ferial highway running through north and south, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is very convenient.
High-density sanjiang machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of = forging machinery manufacturers, the main production hammer forging, hot forging machine, forging machine, double-headed forging, precision forging machine, JS23 open type tilting press, JS21 open press with fixed bed, JSD dry pneumatic friction clutch screw press, forging machine, automatic double column vertical lathe and special ordering deep throat press, steel structure processing equipment. End milling dx-2000mm x 3000mm (for large steel structure parts processing). It has the production capacity of casting, heat treatment, machining and welding.
SJ36 series horizontal forging machine is the company with the Japanese ancient machinery co., LTD jointly developed a new product, USES the international advanced forging machine technology, combining with the experience of forging temple machinery co., LTD for many years, and common development and become a kind of new forging machinery products. It is mainly used for the local multi-position forming of long rod upset head, long pipe end reaming, shrinkage hole, upsetting, punching hole, upsetting extrusion, etc. It has irreplaceable advantages. The flat forging machine only needs to change the mould, can forge the socket wrench, the long bar hexagon bolt and the outer hexagon bolt, the road nail, the long shaft upsetting and other parts blank. There are certain advantages in the local multi-position forming of forgings of long rod and long tube, such as reaming, shrinkage, upsetting, punching, cutting edge, upsetting-extruding and upsetting. It is suitable for upsetting forging of standard parts, hardware tools and automobile parts. Economical, practical and efficient. This machine adopts Japanese technology, pneumatic clutch, concentrated oil supply, compact structure and convenient operation. Electrical control has PLC, relay two forms, customer needs to order.
JSD series adopt steel plate welding body, good rigidity, stable precision; Crankshaft vertical placement, compact structure, beautiful appearance; Dry combined pneumatic friction clutch, brake, smooth joint, sensitive action, low voice. Gear pair oil-immersed lubrication; Adopts rectangle six sides extended in slider, guide surface copper panels, orientation precision, slider has imported hydraulic overload safety device is installed inside (imported pneumatic pump, high pressure oil seal), automatic reset after overload, nimble and reliable.
The company has always adhered to the management concept of quality for survival and innovation for development. Adhere to the "quality of continuous improvement, customer satisfaction of products, get the quality in the biggest benefit" the quality policy, has a perfect quality management and control system, passed the IS09001 international quality system certification.

Our company in line with the "quality, integrity, service, innovation" spirit, wholeheartedly for the society, new and old users to provide quality products and services!

Tel:0536-2582133 13953650108
company address::No.8 Sanjiang Avenue, Baicheng Town, Gaomi City, Shandong Province   
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